Global Strategy Finance will offer you the following services in order to help you trade in Global Strategy Finance:

Daily analysis:

Every morning you will receive a newsletter containing a macroeconomic analysis, a geopolitical analysis, a market analysis and a technical analysis. This analysis will tell you exactly the entry point, the target to be reached and the stoploss on the spot rate concerned.

Daily schedule:

Every morning you will receive a calendar of macroeconomic data that will be released in the course of the day with consensus forecasts in order to allow even the inexperienced traders to be able to judge for themselves whether the numbers are good or bad when the announcements are released.

Comments on the various published figures:

A few minutes after the release of the various macro-economic figures a quick comment will be sent to our customers so that they can understand the impact of these figures on the economy and on the main rates spots.

E-mail Alerts:

This tool will allow you to receive alerts every day when the different spots rates you have selected have broken their support or resistance level. So this will allow you to be more responsive without having to stay in front of the screen to monitor your positions.

Macro-economic weekly comment:

Every Monday morning you will receive a newsletter containing a “zoom” on the situation in general, focusing on the problems that the market must overcome and the impact of these on the foreign exchange market.

Intraday analysis:

This heading allows you to see every day 3 supports and 3 resistances of the main spot rates on which we work so that the most active traders can know on which levels to intervene in the day.