Who we are

Global Strategy Finances is a analysis that was established from graduates of grandes écoles with experience in the foreign exchange market. It was created from the belief that 95% of traders in Global Strategy Finances lose money.
Global Strategy Finances is there to guide you in every steps and to teach you techniques of work in order to limit your losses and amplify your gains.
Moreover, we believe that the services offered by individual brokers to individual customers are insufficient and we want to offer you a service that only professional clients are able to obtain.
Indeed, our objective is to anticipate the movements of the main spot rates by issuing macroeconomic forecasts for the fundamental part of our analysis in order to know the underlying trend. Once this first stage is in place we look for the points on which it would be good to invest thanks to the technical analysis taking care to predefine before any investment, the points of exit then the points to stop the position in case of loss.

Our offer

Our relationship with IronFX, who is one of the most important Global Strategy Finances brokers in the world, has allowed us to develop an "All Free" formula and give the opportunity even to those that do not believe in our methods to test them without paying our analysis service. We would be happy to help you to learn the Global Strategy Finances market, so do not hesitate and join us now.

Our services

Global Strategy Finances will offer you the following services to help you trade on Global Strategy Finances: Daily fundamental and technical analysis, Daily calendar of the various statistics published in the day, e-mail alerts when support or resistances of selected spot rates are broken, weekly macro-economic commentary for an overview of the week ahead.

The analysis of Global Strategy Finances are created in such a manner that they can be adapted to any style of investor ranging from the day trader to the long-term investor. The scope of our service allows everyone to know how to operate according to their investment.